Drink’eat is a retailer of edible and flavoured straws SORBOS.
By distributing these straws, Drink’eat hopes to reduce the consumption of traditional plastic straw and at the same time fund the CleanForGood Foundation to stop pollution before it reaches the oceans.

Our 100% biodegradable AND edible straws are now within your reach ! They are not only the solution of the future but also a fun and colourful object thanks to its trendy colours. As a gift or for personal use, they are made for you !

SORBOS’s straws do not alter the taste of your drink and do not break. The rigidity of the straws is about 30 minutes depending on the temperature and composition of your drink before becoming soft.

All straws are individually wrapped in biodegradable paper.

In the recipes created by our team, you will find great classics such as a mojito but also atypical ones such as a broccoli-pineapple smoothie.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us ! Adopt the Drink’eat attitude that takes care of our planet.