Drink’eat wins the YES Media Award 2019 | Friday 01.03.2019

Drink’eat wins the Media Award @Goldbach Media

Küsnacht /ZH On Friday, March 1, Neuchâtel Independence Day, Drink’eat participated in the final phase of the YES Media Award 2019 – one of the most prestigious awards in the YES programme! – with 8 other teams in Küsnacht/ZH at Goldbach Media.
After the first 4 teams have passed, it is Drink’eat’s turn to present their project. The only team from French-speaking Switzerland selected for this final, the young high school students from Neuchâtel make their presentation in german to ensure that they have a good understanding of their project by the audience in the room.
After a little less than 2 hours of presentation of the various innovative projects by the 9 finalist teams, it is the jury’s turn to deliberate. The audience then leaves the room.

When the teams return for the results, a member of the jury summarizes the various products presented by the young entrepreneurs (chocolate confections, pastry mixes, lunch bags, thermos mug with air vacuum in the bottom, magnetic notebook, almond and hazelnut spread, edible straws, vegan cookies…).

Then comes the moment to announce the winner…

The name Drink’eat then sounds in the room! The young high school students of Drink’eat, not being sure that they understood the announcement made in german, are slow to react before they can exclaim their joy once the doubt has been removed.
The young students of Drink’eat are the winners of the YES Media Award 2019 at Goldbach Media !
As the winner, Drink’eat will participate in the production of a TV commercial for their product on NTV and VOX television channels nationwide.


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